Coverage under MSGP 2020

MSGP 2020 Updates:

A recent generated message was sent to remind facilities that the permit is expiring on June 3, 2020 and that we (EPA) will administratively continue the 2015 MSGP, which is an automatic status the permit goes to if there isn’t a new permit in place by the time it expires, discussed in Part 1.2.2 of the permit.

Currently Covered Facilities:

  • The current 2015 MSGP will expire on June 3, 2020. Since EPA will be finalizing the new MSGP in accordance with the timeline outlined in a settlement agreement, the Agency will not be able to reissue a new permit prior to the expiration of the 2015 MSGP. Therefore, the 2015 MSGP will be administratively continued.
  • Facilities that were covered under the 2015 MSGP prior to the expiration date will automatically remain covered after the permit expires until EPA issues a new MSGP. Those facilities are required to continue to comply with the 2015 MSGP in full and do not need to take further action to remain covered by the administratively continued permit.

Facilities not Covered:

  • New facilities or those without previous 2015 MSGP coverage will not be able to obtain general permit coverage under the MSGP until EPA issues a new permit.
  • Those facilities may submit an “Intent to Operate in Accordance with the 2015 MSGP” (ITO) form via the NPDES eReporting Tool (NeT) to notify EPA that the facility
    • (1) meets the 2015 MSGP eligibility criteria,
    • (2) intends to operate in accordance with the 2015 MSGP, and
    • (3) agrees to comply with all requirements of the 2015 MSGP.
  • Submission of the ITO form to EPA does not grant the facility permit coverage under the administratively continued 2015 MSGP.


We are working on FAQs to post on the NPDES website but at this time they are still undergoing management review.




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