Aquaculture Contact List

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For permit related questions, please use the contact list below.

EPA and states are modernizing Clean Water Act (CWA) reporting for municipalities, industries and other facilities by replacing most paper-based NPDES reporting requirements with electronic reporting. See the following webpage and dashboard for more details. EPA and states have transitioned the following aquaculture general permits to electronic reporting using NeT-Aquaculture.


State NPDES ID Permit Coverage Name Organization Email

IDG131 – Aquaculture operations on State lands

Jonathan Drygas Idaho Department of Environmental Quality 

WAG130 – Onshore aquaculture operations on Tribal lands

WAG132 – Net Pen aquaculture operations on Tribal lands
Martin Merz

U.S. EPA, Region 10

Seattle, WA
Utah UTG13 - Aquaculture operations on State lands Don Hall Utah Department of Environmental Quality
Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont

MAG13, NHG13 – Aquaculture operations In MA or NH

VTG13 – Federal aquaculture operations in VT

Nathan Chien


U.S. EPA, Region 1

Boston, MA 

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