How to Assign Manager When Creating a New Form

As a Preparer creating a new form, you are allowed the one-time ability to assign a form manager using the “Assign Manager” action. This action will grant a Signatory user that has registered with the NeT MSGP program the form permissions of “View” and “Manage,” which will let the Signatory view the draft form and manage user permissions (including his/her own). Once assigned as the form manager, the Signatory will be able to grant/revoke their own and other users’ permissions to this form.

I. How to assign a manager after completing the Permit Information (eligibility) section:

  1. Visit NeT MSGP ( Alternatively, you could also access CDX directly at
  2. Login with your CDX User ID and Password.
  3. Click on your Preparer role located next to the NETMSGP program service name to enter the MSGP application.
  4. You will be directed to the MSGP Landing Page.
  5. To create a new form, select the Add Facility
  6. Search for your facility by Operator Name, Facility Name, or NPDES ID.
  7. If the facility does not appear in the search results, click the Create Facility
  8. Upon completing the Permit Information, a pop-up will appear on the page stating, “After clicking Next, you will no longer be able to edit any of your permit information responses…” Click Next.
  9. Another pop-up message will appear confirming that you have successfully created a draft form. Here you will have the option to assign a manager or go to the form with no manager. If the Signatory has registered with CDX and has an active NETMSGP Signatory role, click Assign Manager. Note: If you continue to the form without assigning manager permissions, or the Signatory hasn’t registered yet, you will be able to assign the manager from the MSGP landing page later.
  10. Search for the Signatory’s user account using one or more of the search fields and click Search. Note: You do not need to search using every field, typically searching by User ID, first and last name, and/or email address yields the best results.
  11. If the Signatory is found in the search, click the Select
  12. Review the selected user’s name, User ID (in parenthesis), company name, and email address. Confirm the manager assignment by clicking Assign Manager and Continue Form. If this is not the correct user, click Return to Search Results.

II. How to assign a manager from the NeT MSGP landing page:

If you choose to wait to assign a manager until you have completed the form, you can do so from the NeT MSGP landing page:

  1. Finding the draft form.
  2. Click the Actions
  3. Select Assign Manager.
  4. Refer to steps 10-12 above to search and select the manager of this form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If the manager of the form is also the Signatory who will be certifying and submitting the form, the Signatory will need to add the “Edit” and “Sign” permissions in order to certify the form.

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