How to Request Access to an Existing NOI or LEW

  1. Visit CGP NeT ( Alternatively, you could also access CDX directly at
  2. Login with your CDX User ID and Password.
  3. Click on your associated Role located next to the NETCGP program service name to enter the CGP application.
    • Signatory (formerly Certifier): Individual who will be signing/certifying submissions to EPA or managing facility user permissions.
    • Preparer: Individual who will be viewing and editing data.
  1. You will be directed to the CGP Landing Page.
    • If you already have access to your form, it will be listed on the CGP landing page under My Projects/Sites.
  1. Select the Request Permissions to an existing NOI or LEW button.
  2. Search for the form by Operator Name, Project/Site Name, or NPDES ID. Note: It is recommended that you request all applicable permissions as this will give you the most flexibility when preparing, managing, and submitting the form.
  3. If your form appears in the search results, select Request Permissions next to the appropriate facility, then select Request for each available permission.
    • Signatory will have the View, Edit, Sign and Manage available.
    • Preparer will have only the View and Edit available.
  4. After you have requested your permissions, the status will change to “Request Pending” and you will have the “Cancel” button(s) listed in the Actions column to cancel a request, if necessary.
  5. Signatory with Manage access will receive an email notification to approve the access request(s).

If a Signatory user does not exist or does not have Manage access:

  • The Regulatory Authority(RA) must approve the initial Signatory’s access. The RA would receive an email notifying them of this action.
  • Signatory with Manage access can approve Preparer and Signatory access requests.
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