Announcement: NeT CGP Update 5/17/19

This announcement is to inform you of updates to the NPDES Electronic Reporting Tool (NeT) for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Construction General Permit (CGP). On May 17, 2019, EPA released an update to the NeT CGP program service in CDX. This update has enhanced the security model for accessing and viewing Notice of Intent (NOI) and Low Erosivity Waiver (LEW) forms in the NeT CGP application.


Updates of note include:

  • On the MyCDX home page, users with the “Certifier” role has been automatically updated to “Signatory”. There is nothing you will need to do on your part to facilitate this process.  Your current form access has also been updated to the appropriate permissions. 
  • Going forward, new users will either have the Preparer or the Signatory role.
  • Access to forms will be based on a user’s role and form-specific permissions (i.e., view, edit, sign, manage), replacing the form ownership model.
  • Preparers and Signatories will retain form access and the ability to create a Change NOI/LEW or Notice of Termination (NOT) after submission and coverage becomes active.
  • Preparers can assign the Signatory role as a form manager for the purpose of allowing the Signatory to gain and manage form access earlier in the application process. Note: This will replace the option of routing the form to the Certifier.
  • Additional form-related information has been added to the CGP electronic forms table (e.g., pending form, coverage type, review period, permissions, etc.).


To access the NeT CGP program via CDX, visit the NeT CGP Login Page.


For guidance and training materials, visit the EPA NeT Support Portal CGP section. Updates to the CGP User Guide and Quick Start Guide are coming soon!


For more information about EPA’s Construction General Permit (CGP), please visit the EPA CGP website.


If you have any questions, please contact the NPDES eReporting Help Desk at 877-227-8965 (toll-free) or email with “CGP” included in the subject line.


Thank you for partnering with us to implement electronic reporting for the NPDES program.


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