Creating a New CDX Account to Access NETMSGP (RHODE ISLAND USE ONLY)

Overview: If you do not have an existing Central Data Exchange or “CDX” account, then you will need to register/create a new account and add the NeT program service to it.  Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to create your CDX account.  Note: when registering – please make sure you request access to the correct version of NeT (For RIDEM this will be “NETMSGP: NeT – Multi-Sector General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity”. Also, there are different roles available in NeT (Sign, manage, view, and edit) which will need to be established once you have access to the NETMSGP program service.




  1. Go to
  2. Click on Create a new account 
  3. Select User Role by clicking the drop-down symbol and then clicking the role. click Next

Available Roles:


Signatory Individual who is authorized under 40 CFR 122.22 to sign/certify application submissions and/or program reports to RIDEM or needs to manage facility user permissions.


Preparer: Individual who will be viewing and editing data, but who is not authorized to sign/certify applications and/or program reports under 40 CFR 122.22.


  1. Enter your Personal Information (all boxes with an asterisk * must be filled in) and click Next to continue
    • Note: Ensure that your First Name and Last Name are your legal names (e.g. Robert instead of Bob)

5. Create a User ID and Password (a user ID can never be changed)

  • User ID must be at least 8 characters, it cannot contain spaces but can include the use of period (.), hyphen (-), underscore (_), and at (@) special characters
  • Password must be unique; be at least 8 characters; contain a number; and contain at least one capital letter. You will need to update it every 90 days (or when you sign in if the 90 day timeframe has lapsed)

6. Select and Answer 3 security questions and agree to the Terms and Conditions; click Next to continue

  • Save your answers in a secure way. These security questions are used to help change your password and manage your user account (answers are case sensitive)

  • Signatory roles will also be required to select 5 additional signatory questions to setup an electronic signature – save your answers in a secure way. These questions will be used to validate your signature on applications and reports.

7. Enter your Organization Name and State and click Find

  • If your organization can not be found, you may request to add it

8. Select your organization and click Next; verify Organization

  • Fill out Organization Contact Information and click Send Verification Code.

  • You should receive an e-mail from with a verification code. Copy the code into the registration screen and click Register

  1. Then click Continue

For Signatory role there are still a few more steps to take to complete your CDX account set up


At this stage, Preparers are finished creating their CDX account and should be able to see an active NeT program service with their role listed in blue underlined text (hyperlinked).  Clicking on the hyperlinked role will open the NETMSGP program.


  1. You now need to authenticate your identity via an Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA). It is best to perform Identity Proofing electronically. Your screen should look like this:


  • When choosing to perform Identity Proofing electronically, you will need to fill in the required fields with your personal (rather than facility) information. The data within this screen is not collected or stored and the information will be discarded once your identity has been authenticated.

  • (Not Recommended) If you choose paper Identity Proofing (by answering NO to the question), your ESA will appear and you need to print, sign, and mail it to the NPDES E-Reporting address listed on the paper ESA (Stormwater Notice Processing Center, Mail Code 4203M, ATTN: 2015 MSG P Signature Agreement, U.S. EPA, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20460).

(Note: The ESA must be received and approved before you can access NETMSGP)

  1. Once you fill in all the fields, check the box to agree to the Electronic Signature Agreement and click Verify and Sign

You are now done and will be directed to your MyCDX Home Page.  Clicking on the hyperlinked role will open the NETMSGP program.  If the link in your role is inactive (i.e., nothing happens when you click on it) please contact the NPDES eReporting Help Desk.


Additional information about CDX and NeT can be found by clicking on the following link to the NeT Support Portal -


Questions about CDX and NETMSGP should be directed to the NPDES E-Reporting HelpDesk ( or 1-877-227-8965).  


Additional questions can be directed to

Margarita Chatterton,, 401-222-4700 xt.7605


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