Add the NeT MSGP Program Service to an existing CDX account (RHODE ISLAND USE ONLY)

  1. Sign in to your CDX account
  2. Select the green button “Add Program Service” on the MyCDX Page
  3. Search for or scroll down to and click NeT


  1. Select NETMSGP: Net – Multi-sector General Permit for Stormwater Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity
  2. Select Role (Signatory or Preparer)



Available Roles:

Signatory Individual who is authorized under 40 CFR 122.22 to sign/certify application submissions and/or program reports to RIDEM or needs to manage facility user permissions.

Preparer: Individual who will be viewing and editing data, but who is not authorized to sign/certify applications and/or program reports under 40 CFR 122.22.

  1. Select your Organization (or add your organization if you cannot find it) 
  1. Signatory may be prompted to sign an ESA.
  • A) (Signatory only) Sign ESA Electronically (scroll to bottom):
  • B) (Signatory only) Enter Password, click Sign in; enter answer to Security question, click Verify; and then click Sign
  • C) (Signatory only) Click the green “Back to MyCDX” button 
  1. Click on your Role to open the web application:
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