How to Manage Access to An Existing Facility – Signatory Users Only

1. Login to CDX at

2. Click on your Signatory role located next to the NETEPABIO: NeT - EPA Biosolids Annual Program Report program service name.

3. You will be directed to the Sewage Sludge (Biosolids) Annual Report landing page.

4. In the My Facilities table, select the Manage button for the appropriate facility to manage users' permissions. Note: You will only see the “Manage” option if you have been approved for the Manage access.


5. On the Manage User Permissions screen, you will see any Pending Requests that have been submitted by other users awaiting approval, as well as Current Users with access to the facility. As a form manager you also have the ability to Grant Permissions to users who have not yet requested access.

  • To approve any Pending Requests, click Approve All. A pop-up will appear to provide a reason for approving the permission request (this is optional). To finalize the approval, click Approve


  • Under Current Users, select Manage to revoke a user's permission(s).  


Alternatively, you can use the Action Center to view and approve a new permission request. 


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