How to Manage Access to an Existing Form/Facility – Signatory users only

1. Go to

2. Login with your CDX User ID and Password.

3. Click on your Signatory role located next to the NETMSGP program service name to enter the MSGP application.

4. You will be directed to the MSGP Homepage with a list of your facilities.

5. Click on the Actions button next to the facility. If you have the Manage access, you will see the Manage User Permissions option.

6. Select Manage User Permissions.

7. On the Manage User Permissions screen, you will see any Pending Requests that have been submitted by other users and are awaiting action as well as Current Users with access to the form. As a form manager you also have the ability to Add Users who have not yet requested access.

  • Under Pending Requests: Click Approve All to approve the requested permissions for the user.
    • To select the specific roles to approve or reject, click Manage under the Action column then select Approve or Reject for each permission.
  • Under Current Users: To manage a current user’s access to the form, click the Manage button under the Actions column. Click Revoke to revoke form permissions.
  • To Add Users: Click the Add Users button under Current Users section, search for the user’s account by entering information into any of the search fields and click SearchNote: It is not necessary to use all search fields.
  • If the user is found in the search, click Select.
  • Click "Grant" to grant permissions to this user.

Note: The permissions available are based on user’s role for the NeT MSGP program (Signatory or Preparer).

  • If the user has the Signatory role, you will have View, Edit, Sign and Manage available.
  • If the user has the Preparer role, you will have only View and Edit available.




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