Types of User Roles

There are two different Roles a user can select:

  • Signatory - Individual who can prepare, sign and submit all forms in NeT-MSGP. He/She certifies under penalty of law that the information submitted was prepared under his or her direction and supervision.

As of April 1, 2108, users with a Certifier, DAR, or Permit Administrator role have been migrated to a signatory role.

  • Preparer - Individual who can view and edit data on behalf of the Signatory, but is not authorized to sign and submit any forms.

Both roles can create a new facility/NOI but only the Signatory can certify new facility. 


For Further Assistance:

NPDES eReporting Help Desk:

Toll Free: 877-227-8965


Additional Resources

  • For user support and to stay updated with news, announcements, training information: (select MSGP Permit) 



  • For an overview of MSGP and other industrial activities:
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