Types of User Roles

There are two different Roles a user can select:






If you work for the facility and will be singing and submitting forms.

View, Edit, Sign, Submit, Access management

Appropriate for users who want to sign and submit submissions and perform facility access management.  Signatories are generally responsible officials as identified in 40 CFR 122.22(a) or Duly Authorized Representatives as identified in 40 CFR 122.22(b). Which states he/she certifies under penalty of law that the information submitted was prepared under his or her direction and supervision.


Lab, Contractor, 3rd party

View, Edit, Create NOI/NOE

Appropriate for users who want to create, view, or edit NOIs or NOEs. Preparers cannot sign submissions or perform facility access management.


As of April 1, 2108, users with a Certifier, DAR, or Permit Administrator role have been migrated to a signatory role.

Both roles can create a NOI but only the Signatory can certify new facility. 


For Further Assistance:

NPDES eReporting Help Desk:

Toll Free: 877-227-8965


Additional Resources

  • For user support and to stay updated with news, announcements, training information: (select MSGP Permit) 



  • For an overview of MSGP and other industrial activities:
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