Where are NOIs sent?

The final 2017 CGP will require the use EPA’s NPDES eReporting Tool (NeT) to electronically prepare and submit NOIs for coverage under the 2017 CGP, unless you receive a waiver from your EPA Regional Office. Waivers from electronic reporting may be granted based on one of the following conditions:

i. If your operational headquarters is physically located in a geographic area (i.e., ZIP code or census tract) that is identified as under-served for broadband Internet access in the most recent report from the Federal Communications Commission; or

ii. If you have limitations regarding available computer access or computer capability.

If you wish to obtain a waiver from submitting a report electronically, you will be required to submit a request to the EPA Regional Office. In that request, you will be required to document which exemption you meet, provide evidence supporting any claims, and a copy of your completed NOI form. A waiver may only be considered granted once you receive written confirmation from EPA. If you are given approval by the EPA Regional Office to use a paper NOI, and you elect to use it, you will be required to complete the form in Appendix J of the proposed permit. You will be required to also look in Part 9 of the permit to determine if copies of the NOI form will be required to be sent to a state or Indian tribe.

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