List of EPA CGP Regional Coordinators

Below is a list of EPA's CGP Regional Coordinators. If you have questions regarding permit requirements, please contact the regional coordinator for the region where your project/site is located. 

If you need help or assistance using NeT, please contact the CGP Help Desk at 877-227-8965 or use the Help icon located in the bottom-right corner of this screen. 

*Troy Smith of the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality will be the contact for operators with coverage in Idaho, except for operators on tribal lands which remain with EPA.


Region Name Email
01 Sania Kamran
02 Stephen Venezia
02-Caribbean Sergio Bosques
03 Carissa Moncavage
04 Michael Mitchell
05 Krista McKim
06 Suzanna Perea
07 Mark Matthews
08 Amy Clark
09 Eugene Bromley
10 Margaret McCauley
*Idaho DEQ Troy Smith
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