E-Enterprise Portal

The E-Enterprise Portal is used to search for all CGP records (NOIs and LEWs) that have been Certified.

To access the E-Enterprise Portal, click here:


Below are instructions on how to use the E-Enterprise Portal

E-Enterprise Portal

Publicly accessible CGP records (certified and submitted NOIs and LEWs including CGP records currently within their 14-day review period and On Hold records) can be found on EPA’s E-Enterprise Portal

  1. Visit the E-Enterprise Portal (
  2. Click Browse as Guest button
    • You may optionally Login with your CDX account
  3. Agree to the Conditions of Use
  4. Click Continue
  5. Locate the “Find a Construction General Permit” Widget
  6. Conduct a Search
    • Click Advanced Search Criteria to reveal additional search fields
  7. Click Search
  8. Review the search results
    • Use the search field to further refine your search results
  9. To reveal detailed information for a permit, click on the NPDES ID link
  10. The details for that form are displayed
    • Attachments can be found and downloaded from the Corresponding Documents section at the bottom of the details screen
    • Click Back to Search Results to return to the search results screen
    • Click the X located in the upper-right corner of the pop-up screen to close the search results/details screen and return to the E-Enterprise main page
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