GMG FAQs (Western Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas)

  1. What is NeT? NeT (NPDES e-Reporting Tool) is an internet-based system for submitting Notices of Intent (NOIs) for coverage and other forms for NPDES general permits, as well as some NPDES program reports.

    • Permits currently available in NeT:
      • The federal and Rhode Island Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP)
      • The Western Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Permit (GMG)
      • The Eastern Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Permit (GEG)

    • Program Reports currently available in NeT:
      • MSGP Annual Report
      • Biosolids Annual Report (due from sewage sludge handlers every Feb 19)

    • Upcoming Program Reports in NeT:
      • Aquaculture - TBD

  2. What browsers can I use with NeT?  NeT (except for MSGP forms) should work with any newer browser from a computer.
  1. Which role should I choose when registering for NeT-GMG?
    • Signatory: Prepare, sign and submit all forms in NeT-GMG. Certify under penalty of law that the information submitted is prepared under his or her direction and supervision.
    • Preparer: Prepare all forms in NeT-GMG on behalf of the Signatory, but is not authorized to sign and submit any forms.
  1. Where can I get help?
  1. Why is the NPDES ID field on my form blank (or missing the NPDES ID I need)?  In order to initiate a Change NOI, NOT, Annual Report, or Program Report, you need to have access to the appropriate NPDES ID. You can gain access by filling out a “NPDES ID Access Request” form and routing it to a Certifier or Permit Administrator who already has access. If no one has access to that NPDES ID and you are a Certifier or Permit Administrator, you can use the “NPDES ID Access Request” form and select “Initial Request for NPDES ID Access”.

  2. Where can I go to locate my Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) Rig ID?  BSEE has just published ASCII files (both fixed and delineated) of the active rigs and associated rig ID number. The files can be found on BSEE's online center, under Platform/Rig Information, at, or under ASCII downloads at
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