Biosolids FAQs

For your convenience, we have added a complete list of Q&A from our Biosolids Training sessions below.


  1. What is NeT? NeT (NPDES e-Reporting Tool) is an internet-based system for submitting Notices of Intent (NOIs) for coverage and other forms for NPDES general permits, as well as some NPDES program reports, such as the Biosolids Annual Report.
  1. What browsers can I use with NeT? NeT and the Biosolids Annual Report works in any newer browser on a computer.
  1. Where can I get help for … 
      • Trouble logging in or setting up an account: CDX Helpdesk, (888) 890-1995,
      • Anything else: NPDES eReporting Helpdesk,, (877) 277-8965
  1. Which role should I choose when registering for NeT?
    • Certifier: Can prepare, sign, and submit all forms in NeT. In accordance with EPA’s regulations (at 40 CFR 503.17(a), 503.27(a), 503.47(a)), a person with the Certifier role is the person who prepares or handles the sewage sludge for land application, surface disposal, or incineration. This is the person who will certify, under penalty of law, that the information submitted in the biosolids annual report was prepared under his or her direction and supervision in accordance with the system designed to ensure that qualified personnel properly gathered and evaluated the submitted information. The Certifier will electronically sign the annual report, which EPA will use to determine compliance with Part 503. This role cannot be delegated.
    • Preparer: Can prepare all forms in NeT on behalf of the Certifier or Duly Authorized Representative of Certifier at the facility, but is not authorized by EPA's regulations to sign and submit any forms. (NOIs prepared by a Preparer must be routed to a Certifier; annual reports prepared by a Preparer must be routed to a Certifier or a Duly Authorized Representative of Certifier.)
    • Permit Administrator: Can do everything the Preparer can plus grant or revoke NPDES ID access.
  1. Why is the NPDES ID field on my form blank (or missing the NPDES ID I need)? In order to initiate a Change NOI, NOT, Annual Report, or Program Report, you need to have access to the appropriate NPDES ID. You can gain access by filling out a “NPDES ID Access Request” form and routing it to a Certifier or Permit Administrator who already has access. If no one has access to that NPDES ID and you are a Certifier or Permit Administrator, you can use the “NPDES ID Access Request” form and select “Initial Request for NPDES ID Access”.

  2. How to Revoke NPDES ID Access? Please use the attached document.


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