Biosolids FAQs

For your convenience, we have added a complete list of Q&A from our Biosolids Training sessions below.

  1. What is NeT? NeT (NPDES e-Reporting Tool) is an internet-based system for submitting Notices of Intent (NOIs) for coverage and other forms for NPDES general permits, as well as some NPDES program reports, such as the Biosolids Annual Report.
  2. What browsers can I use with NeT? NeT and the Biosolids Annual Report works in any newer browser on a computer.
  3. Where can I get help for … 
    • Trouble logging in or setting up an account: CDX Helpdesk, (888) 890-1995,
    • Anything else: NPDES eReporting Helpdesk,, (877) 227-8965
  4. Which role should I choose when registering for NeT?
    • Signatory: Can sign/submit, manage, prepare, and edit all forms in NETEPABIO. This role cannot be delegated.
    • Preparer: Can prepare all forms in NETEPABIO on behalf of the Signatory at the facility. Annual reports prepared by a Preparer must be routed to a Signatory.
  5. Why is my Signatory role in NETEPABIO grayed out/Why can't I access NETEPABIO through CDX?  If you were previously a Certifier, or Permit Admin, for the 2016 and 2017 NeT Biosolids, you will need to update and electronically sign your Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA). Once that's complete, your Signatory role will be made available to you.  If you chose to not complete the electronic signing process or if you chose to submit a Paper ESA, your Signatory role will remain inactive until you've completed the electronic signing process or we receive your Paper ESA for approval.
  6. How do I Revoke another user's NPDES ID Access? Please use the attached document.
  7. What if the previous manager or Signatory no longer works at the facility and cannot approve my pending access request? Send an email to requesting that the previous manager's access be revoked. In this email please provide the biosolids NPDES ID, facility name, and name of previous manager. If you will be the new Signatory and have submitted your request, please also provide your CDX User ID. 



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